Make Eyes Pop and Skin Glow with What Are My Colors Image Consulting Service

Image Consulting

Ever wondered why that dreamy soft pink dress looks great on your friend but not so great on you? Have you noticed that some dresses make your eyes pop, but some wash you out entirely? It turns out it’s all down to one key factor – color! One brand new image consulting service has set to out to introduce frustrated fashionistas to the colors that are perfect for them.

What Are My Colors is a brand new service that combines image consulting, personal shopping, wardrobe styling and of course, that all-important color consultation. Based on the idea that certain shades look great on those with a specific hair, eye or skin color, the service vows to match up their users with the perfect colors for them, with 20 personal colors generated by a sophisticated algorithm. With 80% of clothes sitting unworn in wardrobes, the service has the potential to save users money by only buying attire which suits them.

For just $7.99 users click on a series of pictures, which allows them to choose their hair color, eye color, skin tone and other relevant factors. Their 20 personal colors are then generated and emailed to them directly.

personal shopper

Here’s where the fun begins

Users can use these color suggestions to scour the web searching for clothes in these exact colors! In the near future there will be links from the color results to clothes to buy for new and existing customers.

image consulting app

An app is also available, which makes this image consulting online and on the high street so much easier with the option of quickly referring to your suggested colors in a handy format. From this point on, the style-savvy will never have to worry about choosing the right shade of blue for their eyes, or the right green to make their hair shimmer – What Are My Colors offers the handy cheat sheet to style success!

Geoff Dixon, What Are My Colors Director says, “Many people become frustrated with fashion for reasons they can’t put their finger on. Our stylists have often encountered clients who say, “Why does that shirt look great on my friend, but terrible on me?” The answer is fairly simple – everyone’s appearances is made up of colors, and if your clothes don’t fit within the scheme, they’ll wash you out or appear totally bland.

“We created What Are My Colors to help match people with the colors that will make their skin glow and their eyes pop. Wearing the right color can make a world of difference with regards to personal style – it accentuates natural features and makes people look younger, slimmer and even healthier! We want to make sure everyone knows their own colors, so they can live a happy and confident life in their own skin.”

With 46 different eye colors, 27 different hair colors and 250 different colors of clothes, the combinations are almost limitless! Each member will receive a totally personalized image consulting response based on their own appearance – no more guesswork, no more exhausting clothes returns – just the confidence and knowledge to make the most of your natural features.

To find out more about What Are My Colors, visit the website:

Say It With Colors This Valentine’s Day

Planning a big night out for Valentine’s Day?

If you’re looking to make things just right,  you might not need a fashion consultant, but you do need to make sure you consider your color palette at the start of the evening.

The colors we surround ourselves with have a huge impact on how fresh, bright, and attractive we look. The wrong color can quickly wash you out, making you look sallow or tired.
fashion consultant

If you’re looking for a new outfit for the special day, or really for any day at all, consider not just the price and fit. The color of that dress makes a big difference to how it looks on you. Not sure where to start? The fashion consultants at offer customized, tailored recommendations based on your hair, eye and skin tones.

Are you planning a stay-at-home dinner with your partner? Consider the tablecloth – yes the tablecloth. If you’re sitting at the table for an extended time, the color of the tablecloth will spend a good portion of the evening bouncing off of you. If you’re serious about optimizing your look for the evening, make sure the tablecloth compliments you and your outfit.

Going out instead? The top you wear is even more important as the traditionally white tablecloth at most restaurants will emphasize what you’re wearing.

Whatever you decide to do for Valentine’s Day, make sure you’re looking your best by considering color. Visit to start your color consultation immediately. The consultation also makes a great gift!

Broke Your Resolution Already: Look Better in Your Clothes Anyway

New Year
It doesn’t take long for some of us to break our New Year’s Resolution to hit the gym. We’ve got a closet full of clothes we feel bad in and we’re sure the only solution is hours of workout that we’ve already given up.

But there’s a simpler way to look better, younger and healthier in your clothes. And it’s as simple as the wearing the right colors.



For years, fashion styling consultants have resigned us to 4 choices of what “season” we belong in.

fashion styling



Technology has advanced to the point where cosmetics companies are digitally scanning skin to match makeup. Why can’t we technologicallymatch our skin, eyes and hair to best suit our clothes too? does just that. For less than $8, you can get a customized report designed to help you make better decisions when purchasing clothes – and when pruning your closet.


US Closets Filled with Half a Trillion Dollars Worth of Unused Clothes

You know you have a pile of rarely-worn and never-worn clothes in the back of your closet. Turns out, so does everyone else. Combined, we have half a TRILLION dollars worth of unused and unwanted clothes taking up space in our drawers and closets.

21% of all clothing purchased each year goes completely unworn. Even if that new shirt makes it to the front of the closet, chances are really high that it will never be regularly worn. The average American only wears 20% of their clothing regularly.

So why are 80% of clothes not worn regularly?

fashion style



Back in 1930, the average American woman owned nine outfits. Today, that average woman owns 30, one for each day of the month. Clothes are proportionally much cheaper now, making the buying decision much easier. If the shirt only costs $20, what’s the harm if you only wear it twice? Even if you come to regret the purchase later, and that shirt sits with the tags still on, not a lot of harm done to your wallet.

When consumers were asked why there were never-worn articles of clothing in the back of their closets, 75% admitted it was merely a matter of preference over other pieces in their wardrobe. 51% also cited negative reactions from partners or friends.

What causes these negative reactions and preferences? Size doesn’t help. We’re all guilty of buying – or holding on to – a size that doesn’t quite fit us just yet. But we’re getting there…

Color also plays a huge part. People buy clothes in the colors they like, not necessarily the colors that like them, according to online fashion style experts at “Buyers see a great color on the rack – or online – and grab it without considering if it suits their own coloring (eyes, hair, skin tone). When they don’t get great reactions, it goes to the back of the closet without much consideration of why.”

To stop your bank account from dwindling and your closet from overflowing with things you don’t wear, offers an easy online color analysis to help you pick out the clothes that best suit you. Take the test, spend a few hours culling your closet, and consider reselling your unflattering clothing to help fund clothes that make you look your best.



Color Jewellery – What To Wear ?

Vogue magazine in Australia has just published a new article on what color jewellery to wear .

Conventional rules say that people with cool skin tones go with metals such as silver, platinum, white gold and titanium.

Warm skin tones (veins appear green) are better with yellow metals like gold and copper.

what color jewellery to wear








Complementary Color Jewellery


It is not just metallic colors to bear in mind for jewellery. Stones such as pearls and diamonds, or colored stones are often involved.

Do you are wonder if you suit brown, orange, green, peach, coral, magenta set in jewellery?

Our color analysis gives all the colors that suit you the best including your colors and metallics.






Personal Style – Get Your Colors

Your personal style is really important when it comes to making a first impression.

Color is key to this, as people process color faster than all other aspects of how you look.

You can use your personal style with color to communicate more about yourself. It is a very strong way to show your personality.

You should aim to surround yourself with the correct colors that suit your eyes. natural hair and skin tone.

You can get your best, personal 20 colors on that basis here.

But it is down to your personal judgment how you use your personal colors.

Though there are some guidelines that can be used to make a color combination that is interesting and looks great.

Too many colors will make you look hard on the eye, as there is a crowd of colors demanding for attention, so it is really tiring to the eyes.

On the other hand, wearing just a few colors, can make you look boring.


personal style



Use three of your personal style colors.

First choose the primary, or main color of the outfit, which sets the tone.

The second color is often used as back up. A color close to the main colour is good, or alternatively one that contrasts.

Finally the highlight color can emphasise key parts of your outfit.

This normally contrasts with the first two colors so should be used in moderation

You should update your wardrobe using your personal colors as you can afford to.

Use the same colors when choosing your lipstick, decorating your home, to even buying a car.

Your personal style palette of colors should be used everywhere around you as they make you look fabulous.

Use your color palette to make the personal style choices that express your personality.

At the same time these colors will make you look much more attractive.


Fashion Advice – Mixing Colors

Most fashion advice is about color and the key advice is wear the colors that suit you.

Personal color analysis really works.

It is based on the science of the color wheel, used by all stylists in clothing, furnishing, decorating and more.


fashion advice color wheel










The color wheel is very useful for fashion advice.

It combines colors in a way that is pleasing to the eye.

Most top fashion advisors choose colors from instinct. But if you look closely at the color combinations they make, they still follow the rules of the color wheel.

The difference is they do it unconsciously.

The color wheel is very useful for fashion advice for everyone. To look at the color wheel more closely…


Analogue Colors

The analogue colors are those colors that lie either side of any chosen color. These colour schemes are often found in nature.

They tend to be lighter or darker shades of that color.

Clothes outfits often make use of these colors.

Complementary Colors

The complementary colors are those directly opposite each other on the color wheel.

These complementary colors stand out against each other.

It is a good fashion advice to use a complementary color as a highlight color.


Split Complementary Colors

These are the analog colors that sit either side of your complementary (or opposite) color.

Using split complementary colors can give you an outfit with a high degree of contrast. But these are not as extreme as the real complementary color.

This is more harmonious than the use of the straightforward complementary color.


Triad Colours

Triad colors are the three colors of equal distance on the color wheel. They are roughly 120 degrees around the circle from each other.

If you want an outfit that is colorful but balanced, this could work for you.


The Easy Route

All of the above give good fashion advice regarding which color clothes go well with each other, but none take into account your coloring (eyes, hair, skin tone etc).

We offer an online service to find your personal best colors here.

It is based on your personal colors and takes the guesswork out of the colors options that will make you look your best.