Most fashion advice is about color and the key advice is wear the colors that suit you.

Personal color analysis really works.

It is based on the science of the color wheel, used by all stylists in clothing, furnishing, decorating and more.


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The color wheel is very useful for fashion advice.

It combines colors in a way that is pleasing to the eye.

Most top fashion advisors choose colors from instinct. But if you look closely at the color combinations they make, they still follow the rules of the color wheel.

The difference is they do it unconsciously.

The color wheel is very useful for fashion advice for everyone. To look at the color wheel more closely…


Analogue Colors

The analogue colors are those colors that lie either side of any chosen color. These colour schemes are often found in nature.

They tend to be lighter or darker shades of that color.

Clothes outfits often make use of these colors.

Complementary Colors

The complementary colors are those directly opposite each other on the color wheel.

These complementary colors stand out against each other.

It is a good fashion advice to use a complementary color as a highlight color.


Split Complementary Colors

These are the analog colors that sit either side of your complementary (or opposite) color.

Using split complementary colors can give you an outfit with a high degree of contrast. But these are not as extreme as the real complementary color.

This is more harmonious than the use of the straightforward complementary color.


Triad Colours

Triad colors are the three colors of equal distance on the color wheel. They are roughly 120 degrees around the circle from each other.

If you want an outfit that is colorful but balanced, this could work for you.


The Easy Route

All of the above give good fashion advice regarding which color clothes go well with each other, but none take into account your coloring (eyes, hair, skin tone etc).

We offer an online service to find your personal best colors here.

It is based on your personal colors and takes the guesswork out of the colors options that will make you look your best.




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