You know you have a pile of rarely-worn and never-worn clothes in the back of your closet. Turns out, so does everyone else. Combined, we have half a TRILLION dollars worth of unused and unwanted clothes taking up space in our drawers and closets.

21% of all clothing purchased each year goes completely unworn. Even if that new shirt makes it to the front of the closet, chances are really high that it will never be regularly worn. The average American only wears 20% of their clothing regularly.

So why are 80% of clothes not worn regularly?

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Back in 1930, the average American woman owned nine outfits. Today, that average woman owns 30, one for each day of the month. Clothes are proportionally much cheaper now, making the buying decision much easier. If the shirt only costs $20, what’s the harm if you only wear it twice? Even if you come to regret the purchase later, and that shirt sits with the tags still on, not a lot of harm done to your wallet.

When consumers were asked why there were never-worn articles of clothing in the back of their closets, 75% admitted it was merely a matter of preference over other pieces in their wardrobe. 51% also cited negative reactions from partners or friends.

What causes these negative reactions and preferences? Size doesn’t help. We’re all guilty of buying – or holding on to – a size that doesn’t quite fit us just yet. But we’re getting there…

Color also plays a huge part. People buy clothes in the colors they like, not necessarily the colors that like them, according to online fashion style experts at “Buyers see a great color on the rack – or online – and grab it without considering if it suits their own coloring (eyes, hair, skin tone). When they don’t get great reactions, it goes to the back of the closet without much consideration of why.”

To stop your bank account from dwindling and your closet from overflowing with things you don’t wear, offers an easy online color analysis to help you pick out the clothes that best suit you. Take the test, spend a few hours culling your closet, and consider reselling your unflattering clothing to help fund clothes that make you look your best.



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