Your personal style is really important when it comes to making a first impression.

Color is key to this, as people process color faster than all other aspects of how you look.

You can use your personal style with color to communicate more about yourself. It is a very strong way to show your personality.

You should aim to surround yourself with the correct colors that suit your eyes. natural hair and skin tone.

You can get your best, personal 20 colors on that basis here.

But it is down to your personal judgment how you use your personal colors.

Though there are some guidelines that can be used to make a color combination that is interesting and looks great.

Too many colors will make you look hard on the eye, as there is a crowd of colors demanding for attention, so it is really tiring to the eyes.

On the other hand, wearing just a few colors, can make you look boring.


personal style



Use three of your personal style colors.

First choose the primary, or main color of the outfit, which sets the tone.

The second color is often used as back up. A color close to the main colour is good, or alternatively one that contrasts.

Finally the highlight color can emphasise key parts of your outfit.

This normally contrasts with the first two colors so should be used in moderation

You should update your wardrobe using your personal colors as you can afford to.

Use the same colors when choosing your lipstick, decorating your home, to even buying a car.

Your personal style palette of colors should be used everywhere around you as they make you look fabulous.

Use your color palette to make the personal style choices that express your personality.

At the same time these colors will make you look much more attractive.


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