Style Consultants & Style Advisors Will Advise You To Trim Down Your Wardrobe To Look So Much Better.

All style consultants and style advisors will tell you that keeping your wardrobe to the 20 colors that suit you will show you to your best potential.

There is no point in a wardrobe bursting at the hinges if it just holds a lot of stuff you never wear.

Why Use Our Service?..

First of all a style consultant or style advisor must make you realise that there is no point feeling guilty about the money you have wasted on clothes that don’t suit you.
Most people need a total wardrobe clearout where you donate, give away or bin about 75% of your clothes.

The first ones to go are the ones that you realistically will never fit into again. If it does not fit you now, by the time you ever diet enough, chances are it will no longer be in fashion.

The next step for a style advisor or style consultant is to restrict your clothes to the 20 colors that suit you. These are the colors that complement your eyes, hair and skin tone. This is not mumbo jumbo but nature and based on the color wheel used by all designers of everything.

Getting rid of clothes that are not in these colors takes an 80% chunk out of your wardrobe, which sounds drastic, but when it is done you will feel like it is a weight lifted.

There will be space in your wardrobe, room to breathe. The style consultant or style advisor route is then to start filling these holes while sticking to your 20 colors.
If you do this you will find it becomes easier to get dressed in the morning as all the clothes will suit each other too.

But most important you can now shop knowing your best colors and be looking for key items in those specific colors as a style advisor or style consultant would.
To reduce your wardrobe, you need to buy the best you can within your budget. The best quality, the best construction, and the best fit. Go for quality rather than quantity.

Now you will know that you will get a lot of use out of every item you buy now, rather than it hanging unused in the dark.
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