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On average each woman has about 22 items of clothing in her wardrobe that she will never wear but refuses to throw out. Some even still have their tags on.

Across the UK alone, women spend more than $2.5billion on more than 500 million items of clothing they will never wear. Put on a clothes rail, these unworn clothes would stretch 15,534 miles.

On average London women have more than $470 worth of clothes lying unworn in their wardrobes.

Men are not much better either, with on average 19 items of unworn clothing.

(Source Daily Mail).

Why Use Our Service?..

Wardrobe Stylists will tell you the reason you hang onto these unused clothes is guilt.

Clothes are worn once, then go to the no go area of the back of your wardrobe. Or worse still, they are never worn at all and the price tags are still attached. This makes it even harder to part with them because the label is a reminder of the money wasted.

A good wardrobe stylists say that sometimes it is the size of the item that is the problem. Chances are, it is too tight but you hope to slim enough to wear it at some point – hopefully while still in fashion.

But mainly it is color confidence that is the key to wardrobe stylists.

Have you worn the same clothes for years, rarely trying anything new? When you go shopping do you come back with the same styles and colors? If so, you are probably nervous of trying new things.

The first and most important step a wardrobe stylist would take, is to find your personal colors. When you know what color clothes suit your eyes, hair and complexion everything else falls into place.

Using these colors you can easily be your own wardrobe stylist and re evaluate your existing clothes. It may be scary at first to find that 80% of your clothes are not in your colors, so do not suit you. But once you put those unsuitable clothes to one side and look at the remaining tiny wardrobe, when you put the clothes left together, it will make sense – less is more.

You don’t need a lot of clothes, but each outfit you do have has to be remarkable and suit your coloring. This saves you money and you can invest in fewer but more expensive outfits that make you look and feel fantastic and boost your confidence.
The first crucial step in your wardrobe stylist programme is to find your personal 20 colors. Our unique online wardrobe stylist test, finds these colors.

Your results are sent by email for online shopping.

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And the free app gets your personal colors on your phone for hitting the high street shops.

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Sit Back & Enjoy Your Fantastic New Wardrobe.

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